Coach O Platform

A major project while working with Cruze Computer Systems, I led a complete redesign of a race meet management web application. The main goal was to completely revamp the UX of the platform.

A System Redesign

Coach O was an existing platform for creating and managing race meets (running tournaments). The original platform had been built and designed back in the era of HTML tables and was long overdue for an upgrade visually and programatically. More important, however, was the need for a UX upgrade. The managers of the site spent a large portion of time handling support calls and providing help to their users. Based on this, I worked with a team of developers and the platform owners to reinvent the platform.

Creating a Tournament

The mockups for the tournament creation flow

The Approach

Working closely with the head of the Coach O platform and spending a great deal of time testing the previous system, I developed a list of requirements and goals and well as major issues.

I delivered:

Tournament Management Dashboard

The dashboard for the tournament management site

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