Game of Thrones MMO

Currently working for Bigpoint Games in Berlin, I am in charge of everything UX for a Game of Thrones MMO.

A Secret

For more than two years, I have been working with Bigpoint Berlin on their upcoming Game of Thrones game. As the only UX person on a team of more than 35 devs, artists, and designers, I am heavily involved in almost everything. However, my work is currently under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and thus cannot be shared.

Instead, however, I will give an overview of what I do.

My Work

As an UX Architect, I work to design and build the entire experience for the user. This means everything from reviewing game design concepts for understandability to designing interfaces and interaction paradigms. Along with this, I function as product owner for major game systems.

Some of the things I do:

While I can't say anything about the game specifically, I can say that I will be extremely excited to see it released to the world!

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