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This curve is divided into two areas: Explanation of Handbook Data 1. This is the name given to a transistor condition whereby the collector-emitter voltage abruptly switches from a high to a low voltage with increased current.

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The serial number consists of three figures. The sinewave value is quoted because it is load power which will be obtained when, for test purposes, the datawheet is driven with a sinewave because of the internal resistance of the power supply, the dissi- pations with sinewave drive are lower than with zd162 constant line voltage. These transistors are intended for general purposes as well as saturated switching and driver applications for in- dustrial service.

Note 1 Mica washer B 1 Supplied 1 Plain washer 1 on request When mounted xatasheet a heatsink it is essential that a plain washer be used to damage to the devices while tightening the mounting screw. Primarily intended for use in mains operated audio amplifiers with class ‘B’ output stages.

Germanium NPN/PNP transistor,AD161/AD162. Part № AD161-2. Manufactured by Magnatec

The list of these ratings and their definitions is given as follows: TO For details see page 2. Rectifier Diodes and Thyristors The group of figures indicates the rated repetitive peak reverse voltage, Vrrm, or the rated repetitive peak off-state voltage, Vdrm, whichever value is lower, in volts for each type.


Due to the current dependency of V C e ratasheet is usual to present this information as a voltage rating chart which is a curve of collector datasheet versus collector to emitter voltage see Fig. This rating applies during switch-on of the BF where an overshoot of current is liable to occur.

Transistors may be dip-soldered at a solder temperature of C for a maximum soldering time of 5 seconds.

The devices on which full data are given in these books are those around which we would recommend equipment to be designed.

V min PiotTiax Case No.

Audio application The example describes how the output transistors of an audio amplifier are checked for excursions outside the specified SOAR when the amplifier is being tested under a sinewave overdrive condition. The thermal resistances required are given assuming these lower dissipations. Datashfet additions are as follows: A simultaneous display of the Vce and Ic waveforms is then obtained by connecting the probes of a dual- trace oscilloscope in the manner shown in Fig.

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These recommendations apply to a datasheeet mounted flush on a board having punched-through holes, or spaced at least 1. The families of curves are plotted at duty cycles of single-shot 0T, and 10 d.

A further linear interpolation between the two 1 -7ms areas is then needed to catasheet to the 1 -7ms SOAR at duty cycle of J ‘ 7Z E’ The gain control performance of the BF is modified by these additional components and the combination is re- garded as an ‘equivalent trans- istor’ See the curves on pages 8 to 14 Fig. Instantaneous value of total emitter current.


The Pj a j figures take account of the fact that a practical power supply has a finite internal resistance. The duty cycle for each equivalent squarewave pulse is calculated, and the Vce and Ic values recorded over the dura- tion of the pulse are ddatasheet on the appropriate SOAR curve.

The emitter voltage is negative w.

Small signal current gain linearity A. The equivalent squarewave pulses dataaheet shown ax162 the dashed line and are marked Pi, P 2and P3 in Fig. Type Polarity Outiline Maximum Ratings ‘tot h min. OLD SYSTEM Some earlier semiconductor diodes and transistors have type numbers consisting of two or three letters followed by a group of one, two or three figures The first letter is always ‘O’, indicating a semiconductor device.

On the horizontal axis the forward and reverse-biased base regions are clearly grouped, with the base open-circuit condition dividing the two regions.

AD datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

When using a soldering iron, transistors may be soldered directly into the circuit, but heat conducted to the junction should. For information on the individual types reference should be a1d62 to the relevant data sheets.

The BCY89 is for second zd162, long tail pairs and more general purposes. A test resistor of 01 11 is Oscilloscope Fig. N thfs 5 0. Since the average overload power is less than the quiescent power the first cycle of overload will define the Tj — T m b max.

A general expression from which the total permissible steady state power dissipation can be calculated is: