Dungeons Dragons. OFFICIAL GAME ADVENTURE. Adventure for Characters, Levels NEEDLE by Frank Mentzer. CREDITS. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Needle (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module I11) [Frank Mentzer] on “Needle” by Frank Mentzer is not an AD&D module for everyone. NEEDLE by Frank Mentzer Advanced Dungeons & Dragons OFFICIAL GAME ADVENTURE Adventure for Characters, Levels CREDITS De.

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What I’m Running on Kickstarter: This post like many others that have been written elsewhere talks about the interesting and occasional blend of ‘futuristic technology’ in the fantasy game. A couple things come to mind when I see this: I was fascinated by the module and it was one of the first in the Intermediate Series I-Series I bought and I ran it as soon as I could which did take a couple of years so that the party were of sufficient level.

It wasn’t till many years later that I learned that this was originally set up as a three-part tournament module for GenCon back in ‘ What I also find interesting was the subsequent shift in newer materials published after I have always found that there was a certain charm to Needle though and, in essence, it isn’t a complicated adventure but, by the virtue of its original design, nicely divided into three sections which can be played continuously or even broken up over a series of other adventures and events if the DM so chose.


In part 1, the party is sent on behalf of the king to explore the ruins and ‘magical’ obelisk of a far-away land.

I11 Needle Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Module Ad&d RPG TSR Game 9187

This part includes traps, puzzles, a maze, and an encounter with technology — all which culminates in being able to lower a force field protecting the obelisk. In part 2, the party is ordered to assist in the retrieval of the obelisk and, as they are forced to deal with the harsh conditions within the jungle, they also have to contend with the natives which are becoming a problem.

In part 3, the obelisk which is now in the king’s possession begins exhibiting strange properties and a doorway or sorts opens as&d at its base. Guess who the king decides to send through.

Add to that the fact that the doorway is a portal to the moon where you mean a lot of super friendly, neelde, giant, talking, spiders who are willing to engage in trade negotiations provided the party can prove themselves. Something about defeating a special dragon in order to free some friends. Up to a few years ago, WOTC was even offering the electronic copy of the module for free. Sadly this is no longer the case.


Advanced Dungeons and Dragons AD&D Needle Module Frank Mentzer | #

One can maybe hope that with the limited reprinted of the 1st Edition books coming out VERY soon that they will at least for a limited time re-release all that material including I11 once more.

As for finding a used copy, well the good news is that it isn’t the most sought after module.

But I like it and I think I’ll be running it again at some point in the near future! Posted by Pat Bellavance at Newer Post Older Post Home.