All about Acidente – Aksidenti (Em Portugues do Brasil) by Ismail Kadare. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Aksidenti: roman. Front Cover. Ismail Kadare. Onufri, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Aksidenti. The novel in question is, of course, Broken April by Ismail Kadaré who has City (Darka e Gabuar: ), and The Accident (Aksidenti: ).

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The author does not seem to be able to decide. Retrieved imail January There seemed to be layers and layers of meaning beneath the main characters’ every utterance, and by the end, I was as frustrated as the unnamed investigator who was seeking to piece their story together.

It is a far cry from the “Siege” which I enjoyed very much. I managed 75 pages of this book and abandoned it. The last part involves the same researcher carrying out some further investigations as a result of new insights he has gained from his imagined recounting of their last forty weeks.

On that note, his attitude towards both LGBT people and sex workers was concerning. His daughter Besiana is the Albanian ambassador to the United Nations.

Kadare doesn’t insult the reader.

Three months later, the archivist could not hide his astonishment when the governments of two Balkan countries, one after another, asked to inspect the file on the accident at kilometre marker His education included studies at the University of Tirana and then the Gorky Institute for World Literature in Moscow, a training school for writers and critics.

From Man Booker International Prize winner Ismail Kadare comes a dizzying psychological thriller of twisted passions, dual identities, and political subterfuge.

Capitoli e paragrafi iniziano senza che si capisca dove ci troviamo — se in un luogo reale o nella mente di qualcuno – o quali personaggi sono sulla scena qui ricorda un po’ Michael Ondaatje. It reminded me of some lesser books by Doris Lessing, when you see the author knows he is lost in the plot but he tries to aksifenti on by any means. Lists with This Book.


The central theme of his works is totalitarianism and its mechanisms. Vienna, primi anni del nuovo millennio. I had taken a sailing trip up iamail coast of Maine for nine days with two close friends and I used the opportunity to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace the first time. The story centers on the accident of the title, which is detailed in the first of the novel’s three sections.

I can see hints of what Kadare is trying to do here.

The Accident

I know that writers from regimes governed by dictators have an understandable tendancy to write in code, Herta Muller is one who springs to mind, but perhaps their codes are easier to figure out if the reader shares a similar history. E me ane t’rreshtave magjike t’Kadarese, dalngadale shpaloset historia e dashurise e dy protagonisteve, qe nuk dalin t’jene bash bardhe e zi, mirepo perkudrazi, kane shume e shume gjera misterioze rreth tyre.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. At the same time the writer Besian Vorpsi from Tirana and his young wife Diana enter the highlands to pass their honeymoon travelling from village to village. Despite all the stories of Gjorg Berisha and the Vorpsis are told without emotions and without judgement.

Acidente – Aksidenti (Em Portugues do Brasil) by Ismail Kadaré | LibraryThing

But this book sacrifices any semblance of a story for a spirally-constructed set of feelings of two people who may or may not have been in love. Why text upon pages seen as a novel? He has been a leading literary figure in Albania since the s. Around the time of Hoxha’s death inhis novel A Moonlit Night was banned by the authorities. After returning home in because of the Soviet-Albanian split, he worked as a journalist and then embarked on a literary career [4]. The third part is the conclusion, where this fictional account, along with the facts, are wrapped together for a supposedly factual ending.

To ask other readers questions about The Accidentplease sign up. Being published in the complete works in 20 volumes. Porosiste nje whiskey tjeter.

Aksidenti – Ismail Kadaré • BookLikes (ISBN)

The man put his hand down, looked at me and then asked, seriously, “Have you aksodenti Kadare? The novel was not received well by the critics in Albania at the time. He ‘hup-hups’ the reader to stay abreast, hiding important facts of the case in everyday accounts only to have them remembered later and tossed and turned all about. Post a Comment Dear anonymous spammers: I didn’t really get this at all. Yet, I have always believed and fight still to believe in beauty, nat Some people feel the rain, others wksidenti get wet.


Then the story backtracks over the years of the two victims long love affair. At the end, nothing is clear. In the context of a fragmenting, war-torn Balkans it is — kaadre through its consistent focus on just two people and their love affair — also a deeply political novel, asking questions of how identities can be remade, new relationships forged, and whether truth and reconciliation even resurrection are possible in akksidenti and public life.

Pana pe la pagina eram convinsa ca ii dau 5 stele. Retrieved 12 March It seems to me that the failure to give him one is political in nature. For much of the book, it appears as if the two passengers, who are found dead by the roadside, are Besfort Y and his lady friend Rovena St. It was this sound, louder than any earthquake, that divided past jsmail present.

The driver survives, but is unable to describe what he saw that caused the accident, other than to say, time and again, that just before the accident the man and woman tried to kiss. Il giorno 17 ottobre, al aksienti 17 di una strada che porta all’aeroporto un taxi finisce fuori strada: In it, Kadare mocked Hoxha’s fondness for elaborate statues, the pyramid aksiidenti also reflecting any dictator’s love for hierarchy and useless monuments.