Carrier Corporation Form 30RBPD. The AquaSnap chiller is an effective all- in-one package that is easy to install and easy to own. AquaSnap chillers. Consult CARRIER commercial’s entire 30RB AQUASNAP® catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/ 30RB/30RQ – 30RBY/30RQY. Air-cooled liquid chillers and reversible air-to- water heat pumps with integrated hydronic module. For the use of the control system.

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Installatie Van De Units Sostituzione Della Pompa Diagnostics – Troubleshooting Guida Per L’utente Open the catalog to page 9. Optional integrated heat reclaim package For applications with a simultaneous requirement for chilled water and tempered heat water, the heat reclaim option is an aquasanp solution. Guide For The Owner Ratings are for standard chillers only.


Dimensioni E Spazi Minimi Copyright Abel Building Solutions. Remove the gas from the refrigerant circuit using.

Greenspeed intelligence results in best-in-class part-load efficiency with quiet part-load operation. Dispositivos De Control Y Seguridad Impianto E Caratteristiche Acqua fig.

Carrier® – Aqua Snap 30RB 30 RB

AquaSnap chillers are quiet during the day and even quieter at night. Expansion Vessel volume Calculation The optional pump and hydronic components are already built in; this costs less than buying and installing the components individually. Dimensiones Y Espacios Libres Much of the noise reduction is in frequencies where noise is most annoying, which makes AquaSnap chillers ideal for soundsensitive environments. Additional Electric Heater Stage Control Aanbevolen Hydraulisch Schema fig.

Limiti Di Funzionamento fig.

Carrier AQUASnap 30RB Manuals

Disconnect the unit from the electrical supply. Light Emitting Diodes On Boards Puesta En Marcha Description Of The Temperatures Menu Evaporator Water Pump Control Select aquasnp Add To Wishlist. Description Of The Setpoints Menu Head Pressure Control Dispositivi Di Controllo E Sicurezze Opening Cable Knockouts fig. The coil is designed with rubber isolation around the powder painted coil frame to eliminate galvanic couples which can cause corrosion due to dissimilar metals.


30RB AQUASNAP® – CARRIER commercial – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

For more information download the brochure here or visit: Open the catalog to page 6. Recommended Water Diagram fig.

The chiller costs less to purchase and install and then operates quietly and efficiently. Open the catalog to page 2.

Caricamento Circuito Dell’acqua, Pulizia Procedura Di Apertura Passaggio Cavi fig.