In this manual, model AV-HSN is given as “AV-HS”. • Both SD memory cards and SDHC memory cards are described as “memory cards” in this manual. Manuals and User Guides for Panasonic AV-HS We have 4 Panasonic AV- HS manuals available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions Manual, . Hi all, Every time I want to do something with this switcher, I figure it out. But the manual kind of sucks and is at times difficult to follow.

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The resolution of images output from memory is slightly lower than the normal resolution. Then if I could change these outputs to all playback a video from a 4th computer using Pro Presenter with one button or recalling the memory, instead of assigning each aux out to the new source one at a time, it would be much more seamless.

Transition Pattern Query I must say, however, that he was well versed in the technical specs of the switcher My goal is to take a snapshot of the switcher outputs in one config, with aux 1, aux 2 and aux 3 each playing back individual computer sources, in this case Apple keynote.

Same as system formats Input of analog signals not supported Standard input: Table Of Contents But the manual kind of sucks and is at times difficult to follow. They don’t seem to cover the LAN cable category 5 or abovemax. Key Auto Transition Control Command Hope this makes sense Thanks Tim tim videoloungeproductions.

The input signal name, audio level meter and 4: Thanks Tim tim videoloungeproductions.

Auto Transition Control Hi all, Every time I want to do something with this switcher, I figure it out. There is also MultiViewer and Memory Preview function support. IN1 to IN8 12 signal lines, maximum: Bus Materials Query Selectable only when digital signals are output.


We don’t have the Extra DVI input card right now, we are manal to order that as usual HD – less than ps Alignment jitter HD: Very fine objects xv-hs410 individual strands of hair are reproduced with high fidelity. Rich, I just found your thread and I am also frustrated at the manual for theI am trying to save a snapshot of the switcher with all the aux outs set to individual computer sources, then with a recall I would like to toggle to all aux outs playing the same computer input and then back again.

Auto Transition Time Query Don’t have an account? Memory Card Area Table of contents Operating Instructions Connections With Other Devices This enhanced MultiViewer Display enables the efficient operation of a multi-channel system with just one monitor Easy-to-Use Panel Layout A total of 12 crosspoint buttons in each A and B bus, meaning a maximum of 22 with the Shift function, enable direct control with this intuitive panel design.

Different functions are assignable to 8 user buttons for one-touch operation. Side-by-side Execution Control Command We actually had a Panasonic rep come in and do training with our staff.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Does anyone know of a training tutorial book or even better a video series that takes you through all of the features and power of this unit in a step by step fashion that makes sense, using real production scenarios?

Panasonic AV-HS HD / SD Multi-Format Live Switcher AV-HS

PS, like the box, just a bit non intuitive. High-quality Primatte chroma keying and versatile transitions, including DVE functions, are available to you, as well. We dont get too complicated on it, but I may be able to answer any questions you have about it. Please check your local sales tax laws.

Panasonic AV-HS410 Manuals

Return to posts index. Bus Crosspoint Query Option boards not supported: Exceptional blue-spill processing naturally combines translucent objects like thin cloth and glass with background colors.


A Software Development Kit SDK is included to allow third parties or SI enterprises to freely develop the software required to add new functions to the switcher. Bus Crosspoint Control I have all the cards to get everything manaul the switcher, but in the manual it seems to only let you save events and pip settings, but says nothing about the assignable aux outputs.

Training tutorials or videos for Panasonic AV-HS video switcher. : Live & Stage Events

The same excellent Primatte image quality avh-s410 globally for films, TV programs, music videos and commercials is achieved via the AV-HS’s real-time processing. I found some on youtube, but they seem woefully incomplete. The AV-HS’s Effect Dissolve function allows for smooth switching between manyal current image and one of the images or operations stored in shot memory Event Memory 64 of the image effects registered in shot memory may be sequentially registered in the event memory for immediate recall.

I am doing a 3 screen corporate event this week where all the screens have a different graphic source on them, but when we play a video, it needs to be on all the screens at once. The switcher’s Video Memory function allows playback of 2 channels of still images or video, while the Memory Preview function offers previews of shot memory and event memory image effects. The bus transition function P-in-P bus and Aux bus switching effect allows for a Cut transition as well as a Mix transition Aux 1 only.

Have you checked this? Check connections with equipment to which unit will be connected prior to start of operation. You can add an additional four inputs and four outputs not included.