Bas C. van Fraassen The Empirical Stance. The Terry Lectures at Yale University , Fall ; published April ; paperback Paperback available from. PDF | On Jan 1, , Jeffrey Koperski and others published Bas C. Van Fraassen: The Empirical Stance. Bas C. van Fraassen, one of the world’s foremost contributors to philosophical logic and the philosophy of science, here undertakes a fresh consideration of.

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Are There Nonobjectifying Forms of Inquiry. Terence Cuneo – – Philosophy Compass 2 6: Why Stonewalling Cant Work.

Readers of this book are likely to hope that it will soon be supplemented by one in which van Fraassen tells us more about what sort of projects he has in mind, and about their relevance to the academic discipline of philosophy. Van Fraassen No preview available – If a student emerges from Philosophy convinced that there is no point in trying to describe either the world or knowledge in the wholesale ways characteristic of metaphysics and epistemology, does her acquisition of that negative belief count as taking the empirical stance?

Van Fraassen, however, does not explicitly pursue this task. The earlier chapters of this book, in which Van Fraassen engages with currently fashionable movements within analytic philosophy, are more persuasive than the final ones, in which he discusses the relation between science and the rest of culture.

For pragmatists like Dewey, science was one among many other tools to be used to change the conditions of human life. The empiricist tradition is not and could not be defined by common doctrines, but embodies a certain stance in philosophy, van Fraassen says.


Selected pages Title Page.

Neither she nor the metaphysician can leave room for such revolutions except by emptying their theses of content. Doomed to Vicious Circle or Infinite Regress?

What is empiricism and what could it be? As philosophers, we can have stances, but not beliefs. My library Help Advanced Book Search. He explores what it is to be or not be secular and points the way toward a new relationship between secularism and science within philosophy. The latter is preferable, for the former seduces one into metaphysics. By using the comment function on degruyter.

The Empirical Stance

Please find details to our shipping fees here. But the post-revolutionaries need not think the pre-revolutionaries to have been absurd. Materialism and empiricism are both stances, but the former attends to the content, and the latter to the procedures, of science. A History of the Name Empiricism. Overview Aims and Scope What is empiricism and what could it be?

Drawing on Science the Right Way.

The Empirical Stance // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame

The Recurring RealistAntirealist Break. Request removal from index. The empiricist tradition is not and could not be defined by common doctrines, but empiriacl a certain stance in philosophy, van Fraassen says.

Emil Fackenheim Gods Presence in History. Aims and Scope What is empiricism and what could it be? Martin Buber The Eclipse of God. Free shipping for non-business customers when ordering books at De Gruyter Online. But in its other role it devalues any aspect of orthodoxy that can be identified as interpretive. Sign in to use this feature.


Wilfrid Sellarss Irenic Axiology. The Empirical Stance Terry lectures. That emotions play an indispensable role in conceptual revolutions does not mean, however, that such revolutions should be viewed as irrational.

Yale University Press- Philosophy – tthe. They can instead think of them as having been imprecise. We are not told much empkrical about this stance than that assuming it produces respect for the procedures of science. They cannot escape a dilemma: Presumably van Fraassen would say that the emotions which were indispensable to effecting conversion from Catholicism to Protestantism were of the same sort as those that facilitated the switch from Aristotelian to Galilean descriptions of motion.

Print Flyer Recommend to Librarian. Constructive Empiricism in General Philosophy of Science. Therefore we would like to draw your attention to our House Rules. Account Options Sign in. Indeed he is, but pragmatism and existentialism agree in treating understanding as a means to more important ends. Replies to Discussion on “The Empirical Stance”.