User guide • Read online or download PDF • Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor User Manual • Bosch Safety. Get Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor Manual. Get all FNMA- BS-WH | FNMA-BS-RD sv Säkerhetsinstruktioner 3 1 i! Reliez-vous à la terre à l’aide d’un bracelet anti-statique ou protégezvous par toute autre mesure. BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS | FNMA-BS-WH | Fire Alarm System Analog Base Sounder, Indoor, 15 to 33V DC, dB, IP43, to 70 Deg C, ABS.

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Lever lege batterijen in bij een lokaal inzamelpunt. Drill the required holes 2 on the rear side or underside of the fnm-420a-bs-rd and feed the cable into the housing.

Instalare Vezi Figura 1, Pagina 4. Country-specific standards and guidelines must be considered during planning. Cierre la carcasa encajando la sirena en los ganchos de ajuste hasta que oiga un “clic”, o fijando la sirena con los cuatro tornillos 5. All units are provided with four 6 in. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Batteries must not be disposed of in household waste.

Bosch Hooter Alarm – Bosch Hooter FNM ABS RD Price in India –

Loop wiring of the conventional zone class A does not require an EOL resistor as it is already integrated in the interface module. Please take used batteries fnmm-420-a-bs-rd the local collection points. Activation of signaling devices in the event of an alarm 2.


A log printer for printing incoming messages can be connected.

Press the point of the tool into the openings provided for it on the housing. Per la sirena da boch, usare i pressacavi PG per l’inserimento del cavo non inclusi nella confezione.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The detector should then be exchanged immediately in order to be able to keep using the higher reliability of detection of the OC detector.

The charging is actuated by temperature and time. Deposite as baterias utilizadas num ponto de recolha local. The terminals for cable cross-sections up to 2. Druk de punten van het gereedschap in de daarvoor fnm-420-a-gs-rd openingen op de behuizing. The brackets are made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic and have a thermal sensor as well as a T10A mains fuse.

Bosch FNMA-BS-RD Installation Manual (Page 10 of 21)

If an error occurs, the output is deactivated. The LED display 2 goes dark. When connected to the Series Modular Fire Panel, the interface module offers the enhanced functionality of LSN-improved technology. The LED 2 goes dark. In the event of a short circuit on the line, a fault message is sent to the control panel.

All sensor signals are analysed continuously by the internal evaluation electronics ISP – Intelligent Fnm-4420-a-bs-rd Processing and are linked with each other via an inbuilt microprocessor.


Certifications and Approvals Address switches The rotary switches integrated in the interface module can be used to select automatic or manual addressing with or without auto detection.

Instalacja Patrz Rysunek 1, Strona 4. Language variants The language of the menu can be selected arbitrarily. A mains power supply is required. Manual or time-controlled switch-off of individual sensors is required for adjustment to extreme interference factors. Interface module functions The interface module has a red LED for displaying alarms. Depending on the application fnj-420-a-bs-rd, Panel Controllers and Remote Keypads can be grouped, boshc as network node or local node.

Programming is done with the programming software of the fire panel. This only applies to the current consumption for consumer loads of the outputs 1 24 V and 2 24 V. Europe, Middle Fnm-420-a-bz-rd, Africa: The LED display 2 goes out.

A fault indication is sent to the fire panel. Los productos no deben exponerse directamente a la luz solar durante el montaje.

External power supply units must be free-ofground. The following settings are possible: The alarm status is indicated by the changed window color 4 and the flashing LED 2.