BTS (Outdoor). Fixing of Testing and Commissioning of BTS / MW Equipment Installation & Commissioning of Multiplexers in MSC, BSC and Cell Sites. Apply to Bts Bsc Msc Commissioning Maintenance Telecom Software 3 years of Ericsson experience installation, testing commissioning, Expansion. Installation & Commissioning of BTS Equipment Scope of work: Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND; RFI check along with ensuring.

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Rack Fixing of cable ladder Grounding of equipments Installation of rectifier and battery bank GSM Antenna Installation The installation of antenna mounting pipes associated installatjon mechanical arrangement will be examined and where necessary corrected to ensure the following: Our customers’ commitment is our commitment.

Beginning with the survey of RF or cable fiber or copper cable routes the activities of Teleservices Division encompass the whole amount of customer’s specific requirements.

Installing the tributary cables from mux to Digital Distribution Frame. Kroning the E1’s in their respective krone modules Tx, Rx.

15 Best Telecom Engineer Bts Installation & Commissioning jobs (Hiring Now!) | Simply Hired

Checking the transmitting power of both the optical ports using power meter. This online monitoring will be done by TNMS software by our engineers. Kroning the E1s in their respective krone modules Tx, Rx.

This article does not cite any sources. Checking mux Tx power of all out ports.

A key function of the BSC is to act as a concentrator where many different low capacity connections to BTSs with relatively low utilisation become reduced to a smaller number of connections towards the mobile switching center MSC with a high level of utilisation. The base transceiver stationor BTS, contains the equipment for transmitting and receiving radio signals transceiversantennasand equipment for encrypting and decrypting communications with the base station controller BSC.


Labeling the krone modules like TXs and RXs, and tributary cables. We are here to provide services for installstion, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and operation of telecommunication network and enterprise solutions. Overall, this means that networks are often structured to have many BSCs distributed into regions near their BTSs which are then connected to large centralised MSC sites.

The functions of a BTS vary depending on the cellular technology used and ccommissioning cellular telephone provider. Alignment of Antenna of the link will be done to achieve the required signal level. Power-up to Mux and link head.

Base station subsystem

The allocation of channels between voice and data is controlled by the base station, but once a channel is allocated to the PCU, the PCU takes full control over that channel. Retrieved from ” https: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

This modulation is a kind of continuous-phase frequency shift keying. Time bound tasks are planned to execute the projects. Earthing the rack, and mux, from the earthing bar less than 1 ohm in the shelter. It also provides all the required data to the operation support subsystem OSS as well as to the performance measuring centers. Typically two antennas are used per sector, at spacing of ten or more wavelengths apart.

GSM/UMTS Services

The following are the equipments used by our surveyors to complete the process successfully: Power tapping from rectifier to DCDB. This allows the operator to overcome the effects of fading due to physical phenomena such as multipath reception. Views Read Edit View history. The base station subsystem BSS is the section of a traditional cellular telephone network which is responsible for handling traffic and signaling between a mobile phone and the network switching subsystem.

In GMSK, the signal to be modulated onto the carrier is first smoothed with a Gaussian low-pass filter prior to being fed to a frequency modulatorwhich greatly reduces the interference to neighboring channels adjacent-channel interference.


Installation & Commissioning (MW/BTS/BSC/MSC)

There are vendors which build their BTSs so the information is preprocessed, target cell inztallation are generated and even intracell handover HO can be fully handled. The rods will be used if additional support is required. Several hopping sequences are available, and the sequence in use for a particular cell is continually broadcast by that cell so that it is known to the handsets. Checking mux Tx power of all out ports.

The antennae, the wave-guide locks, flexible wave guides will be fixed with due care taken to ensure reliable and proper RF connections. A BSC is often based on a distributed computing architecture, with redundancy applied to critical functional units to ensure availability in the event of fault conditions. Bamacom know-how and expertise facilitates preparing authentic proposals and obtaining necessary Right of Way approvals from statutory bodies.

The rack for the installation of indoor installatkon and other equipment will be installed in the equipment room by grouting the bolts in the floor. E1 cable routed at TX. Typically these directional antennas have a beamwidth of 65 to 85 degrees.

Our turnkey solutions offer customer the choice from one or more of our services to meet the communication requirements.

Our services cover the entire scope of the project; from understanding the customer communication requirements to designing, installing, commissioning, optimizing and maintaining the network and equipment. This data is obtained directly from radio planning engineering which involves modelling of the signal propagation as well as traffic projections.