La Cenerentola, ossia La bontà in trionfo (Cinderella, or Goodness Triumphant) is an operatic dramma giocoso in two acts by Gioachino Rossini. The libretto. SAN FRANCISCO OPERA Education Materials Rossini’s CINDERELLA Read online or of libretto for Rossiniʼs opera, La Cenerentola. Gioachino Rossini. La Cenerentola. Libretto by Libretto by Jacopo Ferretti, based on the story Cendrillon by Charles Perrault. World premiere: Rome, Teatro.

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He finished the libretto in twenty-two days of breakneck work, and Rossini completed the score in an equally hectic twenty-four days.

La Cenerentola – Wikipedia

Ferretti proposed more than two dozen subjects without success. Finally, between yawns, and with Rossini half asleep on a sofa, the poet mentioned Cinderella. The ladies are outraged at the idea of marrying a servant. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

From the s onward, Rossini’s work enjoyed a renaissance, and a new generation of Rossini contraltos ensured that La Librettl would once again be heard around the world.

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Decca Grand Opera series Cat: The characters of Clorinda and Tisbe contrast with Angelina, who is the epitome of human kindness.

Angelina, known to her stepfather and stepsisters as “Cenerentola,” is forced to serve as the maid in her own home. For his plan to work, Dandini, the Prince’s valet, poses as his master, promising all sorts of things to Don Magnifico, who rejoices!


La Cenerentola

When Clorinda and Tisbe arrive, Dandini gives them a little test: Mi credea ” and the chorus ” Ah, della bella incognita “. Community All comments Contributor list Columnist list. Cinderella is identified, not by a glass slipper, but by her bracelet.

This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Messa di Gloria Stabat materPetite messe solennelle Prince Ramiro is immediately smitten with her. Retrieved from rpssini https: The facsimile edition of the autograph has a different aria for Alidoro, ” Cenerentopa silenzio, odo un rumore “; this seems to have been added by an anonymous hand for an production.

Meanwhile, Magnifico confronts the disguised Dandini, insisting that he choose one of his daughters to marry. A Twist in Time The Barber of Seville William Tell. Courtiers follow, announcing that Prince Ramiro will come to visit while he searches for the most beautiful girl in the land to wed.

Unable to make sense of the situation, they all sit down to supper, feeling as if they are in a dream. The libretto was written by Jacopo Ferrettibased on the fairy tale Cendrillon by Charles Perrault. At the first performance, the opera was received with some hostility, [1] but it soon became popular throughout Italy and cenerentoola it reached Lisbon in[2] London in and New York in The genesis of this work – whose literary and musical aspects were both created with surprising speed — deserves to be ,ibretto, according to the account given by librettist Jacopo Ferretti.

Some courtiers arrive to announce that Prince Ramiro will soon be visiting, looking for the most beautiful girl lobretto the land to invite her to his ball.

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La Cenerentola – La Cenerentola

Magnifico tries to win the favor of the new princess, but she asks only to be acknowledged, at last, as his daughter. Dandini tries to stall, but is forced to admit that he’s actually the valet, and rossinu the prince at all Duet: La Cenerentolawhich he completed in a period of three weeks, is considered to have some of his finest writing for solo voice libreetto ensembles.

A furious Magnifico and his daughters return home, where they order Cenerentola, back in rags, to serve them. Cinderella by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm. Dramma giocoso by Gioachino Rossini. A beggar arrives; her stepsisters, Clorinda and Tisbe, want to send him away, but Cenerentola gives him bread and coffee.

Finally, the “prince” arrives — the real valet, Dandini, who has taken his master’s place – and Magnifico, Clorinda, and Tisbe fall over themselves to flatter him. Angelina aka La Cenerentola is mistreated by her two sisters, Clorinda and Tisbe – as their father, Don Magnifico, looks on in approbation. She forgives rossoni sisters, who embrace her and celebrate the triumph of goodness.