The Ascent of Humanity is a radical exploration of the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the human sense of self. Eisenstein traces all of. Ascent The Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self. This book. Ascent of Humanity: Introduction. More than any other species, human beings are gifted with the power to manipulate our environment, and the ability to.

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A New Republic of the Heart. To be entertained means to be brought into the television, the game, the movie.

Charles Eisenstein – Wikipedia

Sure, life can be a drag, but at least I can afford to escape it sometimes. I totally get why it is what it is, but I just don’t usually like chatles such broad outlooks. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

Feel free to copy and share. I recommend this book highly. And then the author starts praising the primitive times. You can play a video game and no matter what happens, nothing really happens. No trivia or quizzes yet. Will we then go back to the Stone Age, or will we be born into something entirely new?

Ascent of Humanity: Introduction

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is not to say there is no hope. And yet, here I was albeit more slowly collecting another mountain of bags.

When we try to choose from the head, we get into a maze of indecision, and even when we do choose we have no certainty and no courage. It does not reverse but rather integrates the entire course of separation, which we may begin to see oof an adventure of self-discovery instead of a terrible blunder.


The atmosphere is not heating. Awesomely insightful, but more soberly depressing than eisenstdin of his other books.

I almost wish I had the stamina to read it over again but I’m on to the next one and still feeling slightly skeptical about the charges made against language here.

Torturers are not going free. Those moments of love, freedom, serenity, play—what power has made us believe these are but respites humnity real life?

The entire text is available online. It is the ideology of the discrete and separate self that has generated these crises; therefore, he argues, nothing less than a “revolution in human beingness” will be sufficient to humaniyt our relationship to each other and the planet. This normally stems from one or more spiritual practices such as meditation, mindfulness, conscious commitment to living kindness, love and devotion to God, etc.

We appreciate your feedback. And then some more bright o. Perhaps this is not true human nature but a response to work. The book says a lot about economics, health, government, education, social interactions, and science based upon that worldview of who we are. After all, you can feel it when charls watch or read about this destruction — you feel a loss inside. The world grows more competitive, more dangerous, less hospitable to easy living, and security comes with greater and greater effort.

Children are not starving. For example, most Americans’ lives are little affected by the seasons of the year. Do I see anyone around me whose work is their joy, whose time is their own, whose love is their passion?

Even in our darkest hour, Eisenstein sees the possibility of a more beautiful world–not through the extension of millennia-old methods of management and control but by fundamentally reimagining ourselves and our systems. People of a religious persuasion might attribute the fundamental crisis to a separation from God; people of an ecological persuasion, to a separation from nature; people engaged in social activism might focus on the dissolution of community which is a separation from each other ; we might also investigate the psychological dimension, of separation from lost parts of ourselves.


I don’t necessarily agree with all of the theories put forth here, but they certainly get you to think about what you do believe. All defining qualities of modern adolescence.

The Ascent of Humanity

So you can see how separate we are. Eisenstein was able to capture all of the subtle anxieties underlying everyday experiences of modernity with astounding depth and clarity.

There are positive aspects to so-called primitive cultures like a stronger sense of community, connection with nature and innate spirituality, but I’m not about to trade in my modern medicine and clean drinking water for the opportunity to live a 3rd world lifestyle! Would you stay in bed until noon, lounge in front of the TV and descend into a vague never-ending spiral of indulgence?

He had me at the opening words. You and I are just you and I. Now I feel like I can point to this work and say, “This is it. The result is an elegant culmination of disparate variables; events, myths, and obsessive fanatical scientism that offers an explain for our current human condition–notably a misguided Cartesian conception An orchestrated deconstruction of our collective technology-as- dues ex machina wish fullfillment fantasies, weaving together strings of history, psychology, mythology, and physics, in a straightforward fashion simple enough for my comparatively simple brain.

It seems to possess order and beauty because it is a fractal. Without bacteria in their rumens, cows would be unable to digest cellulose and would quickly starve.

Why do we stay up late and dread waking up in the morning?