Harald Wagener and Nick Moffitt have turned their talented hands to Diaspora and constructed a VSCA-authorized SRD. We owe some thanks. Download diaspora-srd for free. None. User Reviews. Be the first to post a review of diaspora-srd! Additional Project Details. Registered. Business VoIP · Cloud Storage · Internet Speed Test. Resources. Blog · Articles · Deals. Menu. Help · Create · Join · Login · Home · Browse · diaspora-srd.

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Any interaction is part of the table process of negotiation for effect common to all the combat systems. You can load different types of grenades into a NIL grenade launcher, and you can select which grenade to fire as part of the action used to make an attack. Bows fire arrows as ammunition, and they can also be used with grenade arrows for more customized damage and effects. A mild Consequence can be repaired by an engineer or computer expert depending on the type of Consequence without a roll after the combat scene is over.

Shifts for a given attack are calculated by the difference between an adjusted attack roll and an adjusted defense roll. Plasma beams can be projected, as from a gun, xiaspora maintained in a steady beam with a powerful magnetic field, as the blade of a melee weapon. The basic cost for a civilian slug thrower is 3, modified by the difference between the weapon technology and the technology of the system in which it is purchased.

Drawing a weapon—such as grabbing a grenade from your belt—requires a move action. If the weapon deals only kinetic damage, or if it deals diaaspora energy and kinetic damage, the attack targets KAC.

Any ship thrusting at its full V-shift for at least the rated time to slipknot has the free-taggable Aspect Low on r-mass. A plasma-resistant ceramic housing focuses the beam with the assistance of a localized force field, either diiaspora a single straight beam or along a magnetized blunted blade or wire-like lines.

Weapons – Starjammer SRD

Note that the Agility Skill is not modified—the roll ciaspora modified. The advantage of going first goes to the one that speaks first. Cryo weapons generate blasts of supercooled gas that can damage or incapacitate a target. Remember, moving a ship between the 3 and 4 bar or the -3 and -4 costs 2 shifts, and moving a ship from the last bar off the map costs 3 shifts. Non-Player Characters NPCs have Skills in a pyramid just as the regular player characters have, but the peak value of the pyramid src be lower than 5.


Add in people with conflicting goals a young whipper-snapper who wants to be primary author on the publication of your discovery! Ships may elect to spend their time speculating, which introduces the potential for greater gains and greater losses! One Navigator rolls in the detection phase, and only one Computer expert rolls to repair the Data track.


See Weapon Damage for more information. Weapons of the same type are of similar size and have similar mechanical properties.

With its snub, squared barrel and internal reinforcements, a laser rifle is sturdy and dependable. Further, if a ship has been engaged in some adventure other than the pedestrian trading of cargo from one system or another or however it is a ship usually earns its keepthat adventure may yield value that can be put towards the maintenance roll, at the discretion of the referee. Petrol is a highly flammable blend of hydrocarbons that is used in flame weapons and petrol is occasionally used by desperate adventurers as fuel or for other various utilitarian purposes.

That just kind of pushed my buttons a little bit. Though it lacks the penetrating power of an artillery laser, an autobeam artillery delivers sustained laser fire.

Diaspora SRD

Having an Aspect of your choosing placed on an enemy is pretty powerful all by itself, but there is an additional power: Characters should only concern themselves with Health and Composure stress tracks.

Refined from traditional shobhad designs stretching back to antiquity, a horizon striker has remarkable range.

Should they remain in this map location at the end of the next turn, the transition should be read as the vessels have diverged and then re-converged, retaining large differences in velocity vectors. Ships in formation may only move as fast as the V-shift of the slowest ship allows.

If a player wants something to happen and the dice have said no, then fate points provide a mechanism for the player to create success. Dimensional slice curve blades have only a narrow visible blade area, surrounded by a solid aura; these are the sharpest and most dangerous curve blades on the market. Rather we are collapsing everything about the current 4-dimensional space state of an object into a position on the map. Want to model getting rich?


The result is the time to orient the vessel and begin normal travel. Combat in Diaspora is lethal. If you exceed your opponent when you make a defensive roll that does not have any effect other than being a successful defense, you don’t get shifts. If the ship has spent more than travel time to and from a slipknot doing something other than servicing their commercial purpose, add 2. Some Skills imply access to some kinds of equipment. On a successful Trade roll, crew members may use any shifts to clear their Wealth stress track hits.

The number of rounds from a magazine, the number of battery charges from a charged weapon, and so on.

What games do you know of that have free, and legal, SRD’s and PDF’s? : rpg

Mark this box and all boxes below it. For example, if you are holding a small arm in your hand, you are considered to be wielding the weapon.

This injection gun can be fitted with cartridges containing medicine or poison. Before any destructive weapons are used, each ship may conduct electronic warfare, pitting its communications officer against the enemy. If the dias;ora has Stamina at level 1 or 2, the Health track has four boxes; if he has Stamina 3, the Health track has five boxes.

Favored by the much-romanticized kalo hunters, kalo shredders fire razor-sharp flechettes with nearly silent magnetism.

The new version is “pay what you want” – free if that’s your thing – on RPG Now: On that last link, you can also filter for “Pay what you want” or for a specific price range e.