I have a dunco 66 II c enlarger but has the color head and I would like to ask what modification could be done if possible to use the enlarger. At we have a wide varierty of Lpl, Dunco and much more. An enlarger is a specialized transparency projector used to produce photographic prints from . Agfa · Beseler · Bogen · De Vere · Durst · Dunco · Fuji · Gnome Photographic Products · Kaiser Fototechnik · Kienzle Phototechnik · Kindermann.

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Enlarger head in horizontal postition for wall projection.

I may purchase a second enlarger in enarger future I am now on a track for searching in the right direction to expand my knowledge and try black and white enlarging with the color head.

Condenser enlargers produce higher contrast than diffusers because light is scattered from its path by the negative’s image silver; this eunco called the Callier effect.

Remote focus accessory installed regular focus knob removed. And nobody knows how long replacement bulbs for conventional heads will remain available.

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WTSell: Others – dunco enlarger + accessories

Thanks in advance for any insights. Find More Posts by Nokton Vancouver, BC, Canada Age: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I was pleased with the designs and quality, but disappointed by the fact that they were just one more European maker of excellent darkroom equipment with no distributor in North America. For future VC papers, or to modify existing programs, there’s an RS computer port on the back of the controller.


Construction is mostly die-cast aluminum and stamped steel. Log in or register to post comments.

I use a Dunco colour head not enlargdr which one, as it came from a 3rd party supplier on my Leitz enlarger and it works well. Retrieved 21 September July Learn how and when to remove this template message. This enlarger is just wonderful.

Enlarger – Wikipedia

John E Earley is offline. Originally Posted by thompsonks. Prints made with an enlarger are called enlargements. Find More Posts by pschauss. This guide below provides the information you may need. Also been using Leitz Focomat V35 and spoiled by how simple and fast it is to operate. Most brands of paper will give you filter equivalents for different contrast grades.

Improved focusing system When high accuracy is required, a new double rail micro motion focus unit with ratio 1: Find More Posts by Johnmcd.

When I was 16 years old my dad bought an Omega B8 the big brother of the B 22 it took 6 by 9 negatives I’m pretty sure.


It is possible to print with a color head. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. They were exhibiting at the February PMA show in Las Vegas, and I managed to stuff a demo model of their latest enlarger, the Dunco Vario Split, into the back of my two-seater car and lug it back to Los Angeles for a review.

Ready for Your Close-Up?: Fotohuis Rovo is distibutor of Dinco enlargers. The lamp is turned off, or in some cases, shuttered by a light-tight mechanism. Find More Posts by Fotohuis.

You dunxo also put a ND 0,6 filter on your lens. Fired up the LPL on Monday for the first time in more than six months and enjoyed using it for old Rollei negs and a couple of 35 shots from the weekend storm.

dunco 66 II C question on black and white enlarging

Most expensive photographs Photographers Norwegian Polish street women. You need a good tool to align it. Last Dunco II systems are all 6x7cm, 90cm column or cm column or the pro with column and side column for big enlargements.