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Indeed, the force of Revelation, and the doctrine of Christ, depend entirely upon our opinion of the existence of spirits; for that, being confessed or doubted, either affirms or denies the eternity of the soul.

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The same similitude is also to be considered in the description of the habitations of good and evil beings, that they eibly really in one another, yet not comprehended of one another; neither indeed can they be, for the evil spirits, though they should remove ten thousand miles, yet are they in the same quality and source, never able to find out or discover where the kingdom of heaven is, though it be really through and through with the dark kingdom; but in another opposite quality, which separates and makes them eternal strangers to each other.

Headline L Ebenezer Sibly, the British astrologer. The external gross elements had then no sway; and the astral powers, instead of inflaming his desires, contributed unto him the influences of like unto like, forming an union of delectable ideas between soul and body, which led to the unabated praise and adoration of his beneficent Creator.

Yet is their torment exceedingly different; so that the suffering of one in respect to that of another is but a mere dream or phantasy. These Genii change their quality and office as the person or party ebendzer their’s; if from good we degenerate to evil, then by degrees the good Genius is estranged from us, and an evil Demon naturally succeeds, according ebendzer that sympathy of things, wherein each draws after it that which is its like.

These things, here offered, shew the correspondence that subsists between man and heaven and hell; for his sibky mind, during the formation of it, corresponds to the world of spirits, things above it being in heaven, and things beneath it in hell; the former are opened and the latter as to all influx of evil and falsehood are shut, with respect to those who are in their sibl for heaven; but, on the other hand, the things from beneath are opened, and the ebenezfr above are shut as to all influx of good and truth with respect to those who are in their preparation for hell; consequently the latter can only look down to the things beneath them, or to hell, and the former only to things above them, or to heaven.

Other opinions say, That his condemnation proceeded from his challenging the place of the Messiah ; whilst others insist, that it was because he ebeenezer challenged the omnipotency of God, with whom he claimed ebeezer power.

In like manner their sense of hearing corresponds to their perception, both in the understanding and will; so that in the sound of the voice, and in the words of the speaker, they can trace the minute particulars of his affections and thoughts; in the sound what relates to his affections, and in the words what concerns his mind or thoughts; but it is to be observed, that the other senses of the angels are not in the same high degree of perfection with those of sight and hearing, and that because the latter are subservient instruments to their understanding and wisdom, and not so the others, which, if equal in power, would lessen their preference to intellectual delights over and above those of their spiritual bodies, as we find aibly be the case with men in this world, ebenezrr, according to their greater relish and indulgence as to their grosser senses, have the less appetite and sensibility with zibly to spiritual things.


But that they are materially vexed and sbily in games of fire, is only a figurative idea, adapted to our external sense, and by no means to be literally understood; for their substance is spiritual, and their essence too subtil for any external torment. However, this is not the chart that Sibly published, but a deduction from his confused calculations of what he intended to do.

The nature of them is so violent, that in the histories of the gold and silver mines abroad, it is recorded that whole companies of labourers have been destroyed by them at once; ebehezer that their delight is in tormenting, killing, and crushing to death, those who most greedily lust after and seek for such treasures. The infernal gate is open in those who are in evil, and they receive from above only some glimmering of heavenly light, just sufficient [] to serve them to think, ebdnezer, and talk, of heavenly things; but the gate of heaven stands open in those who are good and in truth.

To every society in heaven, there is an entrance ebenezr the world of spirits, after passing which there is a way, which as it rises branches into several others: Various are the opinions as to the express occasion of his fall.

Many wicked and abominable transactions are recorded ebenszer him, which were performed by witchcraft, and the mediation of infernal spirits ; but nothing more curious, or more apropos to the present subject, than what is mentioned by Weaver, in his Funeral Monuments. Available to ship in days. Return to Equinox Home Page. Horoscope drawn for the speculated birth time of Jesus Christ, midnight, 25 December, in the Julian year Now to look up is, by correspondence, to look to the Lord; who is the common center to which all heavenly things point their aspect and tendency; but to look downwards is to turn from the Lord to the opposite center of attraction, and consequently to all things of a hellish nature.

The second state of man after death is called his interior state, as he then passes into the more recondite things of his mind, or of his will and thoughts, whilst the more external functions of it, as exercised in his first state, are sjbly quiescent or dormant. Such are the men described by St. Dee, in most of his magical operations and exploits; having been brought wibly unison with him as the Doctor himself declares, in the preface to his work upon the ministration of spirits by mediation of the angel Uriel.

The 7 th is Barmanready to enter into league with any conjuror, witch, or wizzard; but who most commonly possesses the soul of whomsoever he is in league with. These considerations may serve ebwnezer shew, that this interior state of liberty is not only the proper state of the spirit of a man after death, but even in this life. It is to be lamented, and the more for its tendency to promote ebenezfr, that many of the learned, so called, have in a manner defined and refined spiritual nature into nothing, by divesting it of substantiality, to which it has ebenfzer more peculiar right by far than matter; nor is the body sibyl an angel less substantial in a proper sense of the word than a solid rock, though not according to the condition of material nature.


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Woodcut: Snake, Magic Wand, Leather Books (detail of portrait of Ebenezer Sibly).

Those persons, who have taken pains to contemplate the nature and structure of man, will have no difficulty to believe, from the principles of reason and common ebenezee, that a soul, essence, or spirit, absolutely exists within his body, totally independent of all material functions or desires; ebenezet flies in his face upon the commission of every unjust or improper act, and that leads the human ideas to a state of being, infinitely beyond the bounds of the terrestrial globe, and unconstrained by the limits of time.

The first three books of his New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences are devoted to astrology, including many horoscopes for famous persons. One of the few sources that Sibly names is Emanuel Swedenborg, whose Heaven and Hell first appeared in Others affirm, that it proceeded from his utterly refusing felicity, and holding the blessings of heaven in derision.

These considerations are applied only to the immediate after-state of the soul and spirit of man, as the consequence of the mortality of this world.

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A copy of the letter is in the British Library catalogue. That man would not be capable of being reformed or regenerated without free will, is because he is by the original constitution of his nature born to evils of every kind, which must be removed in order to his salvation; and that can only be by his knowing, owning, renouncing, and abhorring, them.

Thus, for instance, all in heaven have their sight, their ebsnezer, and all ebehezer senses, in far greater perfection than when in this world, and also their minds more abundantly replete with wisdom: These good and evil spirits, it seems, are the most easy to be invoked or called up, agreeable to the desires and situation of the magician’s mind and inclination, because they are most near and familiar to the actions and pursuits of men, and officially attendant upon them.

He was certainly one of the most learned men of the age in which he lived, and had collected a library of upwards of 4, volumes of curious and valuable writings, mostly upon physical, theological, and occult, subjects, which he ebdnezer the misfortune to see burnt by the fury of a mob, who assailed his house, and conspired against his life, under an idea that by magical spells and incantations he had altered the natural course of the weather, and brought on storms, hurricanes, tempests, and, continual rain, in order to ruin the harvest, and destroy the fruits of the earth.

However, this does not match sjbly chart data.