Eurotherm Temperature Control, Process Control and Data Recorders · Eurotherm Srl REGOLATORI PID | REGOLAZIONE DI 91e Upgrade. Select your 91e. Improve process efficiency, product quality and minimise waste with high accuracy Eurotherm controllers. Click here to view other machines of Eurotherm. Eurotherm – 91e Description: Eurotherm Temperature Controller Model 91e, VAC, 2A, 5W, 50/60Hz.

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Eurotherm temperature controllers are recognised for high precision PID algorithms, which are embedded in the control strategy along with highly accurate inputs and outputs. Precision PID Proportional, Integral, Derivative control has the advantage over basic PID temperature control solutions which, although can save money, do not have the level of control and accuracy to consistently control temperature or react efficiently to unforeseen process events.

The has a host of advanced features including heater failure detection, timer, setpoint programmer and a recipe feature that is unique in this class of product. One recently failed and I was able to obtain one from Radwell. I don’t think my company has an account with Eurotherm but I eurltherm arrange payment if you could sens a pro forma ehrotherm. Eurotherm have specialised in temperature and process control instrumentation for over 50 years.

Please consult Eurotherm sales for more information on these products. Its four plug-in slots can accommodate a variety of IO modules, and its feature set is ranged to suit simple multi-loop and data acquisition applications up to complex strategies including setpoint programming, mathematical and logical operations.


How does this make you feel? These feature-rich instruments offer versatility in application and have clear, user friendly operator interfaces. Add to this an absolute commitment to technological innovation, constant reinvestment in research and development, and a team of engineering oriented salesmen who understand your process requirements.

Discontinued & Obsolete Products | Eurotherm

The and offer much more than temperature control — advanced features and options make them capable of small machine control. The Mini8 controller offers modularity both in terms of hardware and software functions.

Every Series controller can be tailored to provide the control solution you need. Official Representatives Jon Official Rep. Clark January 31, Specialist function blocks, recipe selection, setpoint programmers, maths, logic, timer functions and flexible communication options are just a few examples of what makes these instruments a key part of a total process solution.

Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. All of these features can be configured with an extremely simple to use PC wizard configuration tool. Find out why we are temperature control experts. High accuracy Eurotherm temperature controllers improve process efficiency, product quality and minimise waste.

Is there a direct replacement for Eurotherm 91E Edit Subject. With the emphasis being on simplicity and available in four standard formats the range provides precise temperature control with a host of options.


Temperature Controllers

Eurotherm PID Temperature Controllers for Industrial Automation High accuracy Eurotherm temperature controllers improve process efficiency, product quality and minimise waste. You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate.

Excellent, many thanks How does this make euroyherm feel? Quick start codes; automatic help text; custom text messages, and an auto-tune that really works.

Thanks How does this make you feel? Controllers from Eyrotherm provide our world class excellence in control with clear, user friendly operator interfaces. Jim September 14, Have a specialist contact you.

Hello Jim, We can offer you a as a replacement for the 91E as it covers all eventualities Model code: Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered. Jon Official Rep September 14, Temperature controllers control temperature by taking an input euotherm a temperature sensor such as a thermocouple or RTD, and providing an output to a control element euortherm order to reach or maintain a required temperature or setpoint.

The Mini8 controller can multi-drop on either serial, fieldbus or Ethernet and offers a real cost effective alternative to performing analogue measurement or 91f loops in a PLC. Jon Official Rep January 31, Overview Topics Products People Change log. Precision PID temperature controllers however have built-in algorithms to accurately control temperature and reach setpoints with minimal overshoot during ramps, meaning process variables stabilise faster.