I’d been looking for a nice generic RPG world map for a while. As I leafed through my GenCon coupon book, I ran across a voucher from. A little background on my search for Harn (optional). I’ve run all kinds of games over the years with varying levels of enjoyment on my part as the DM. My group. Index background Search: Harn ( results) The Fragment: A Harn Novel Argon Publishing: . Free RPG Day , Various Publishers, Various Systems.

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No civilized society can function without a legal system, and even on Harn, the administration of justice is surprising complex. Rpt Crossby took the lead on the game and based the new game on designs that he had first written down in the s.

An outpost of the Kingdom of Jarenmark in northern Hurisea, held by clan Pelstrorn.

What do I need to play? A tortured maze, created by the Gods as a trial by ordeal to settle disputes of the Concordat of the Illimitable Tome. Harn is regarded with disdain by most Lythians.


The system also has rules for researching and learning new spells as well as creating spells “on the fly” usually with a large chance of failure. He would be a lot more worried if he knew the truth. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Geshtei is a center of intrigue between two powerful Thardic families. Ardwulf March 25, at 2: This article is an overview of this continent. INDEX A 48 page booklet describing almost entries on the geography, religions, cultures, politics, and economics of Ivinia, including: Many players wanted a still faster, better-balanced game with more social options for characters.


Diplomacy and strength are essential skills for survival. He is also worried that Loban’s annual feudal obligation, namely bushels of rye, has not yet been received.

Included is a colour site map and interior plans of the Jarin “underground” and a secret Shiran temple.

Penalties to skill or attribute checks- due to fatigue, injury, encumbrance, or other circumstances- decrease the ‘target’ number that the player must roll under in order to succeed. The Kingdom of Kaldor is on the verge of a succession crisis.

More moderate results would result in more modest successes for one party, or a temporary stalemate. The trade center and port of the elven kingdom. Anthony March 24, at 3: Kaldor Atlas Maps 6.

A city of secrets and dark places governed by a malevolent religious council, Golotha has a well deserved reputation for corruption and sudden death. I, too, was always impressed with Harn’s attention to detail and have somewhere a pile of notes on using the setting as the basis for a Traveller game–the map and the nations of the isle transform into “The Harnic Reaches.

Can I make use of this setting by purchasing only a very high-level overview document of the world, rather than getting into so much detail?

Hârn/Harn – Harnmaster – Harnworld – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

The orcs of Korego have a long history of conflict with both the local human tribesmen and merchant caravans. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Atlas Harnica Map D8. The combat and injury system is quite lethal, compared to many roleplaying systems.


GROGNARDIA: Retrospectve: Hârn

Atlas Harnica Map J2. Brad March 24, at 2: City of Coranan PDF. As for the pulling the thread apart. Newer Post Older Post Home. Five feudal, one democracy and one nordic-style.

But somehow, when the need arises, they have united to defeat invaders. It is described in a series of publications and free downloadsincluding a player guide. Player Edition is the starter product. Sitting astride the mighty Tirga river, Hurisea has always been a lure for powerful men. A large colour map of hwrn kingdom is included, with political, historical, economic, and cultural notes, and a colour plate of the heraldry of the Kaldoric great clans.

This article includes two detailed full color atlas maps of the kingdom, with economic and political data on over eight hundred manors.

Harn can be played in a lot of different ways. I used to game with him back in the day, heck, back when we were trying to come up with what would eventually become the Harnmaster rules. It was the setting I used for my first Cold Iron campaign Cold Iron is a system a college friend developed. It strikes me at this point that I probably don’t need to explain further as I may be the only person here who hadn’t heard of it before.