For reliability, test-retest analysis was used, and the internal consistency of the HPLP-II was confirmed by Cronbach’s alpha. For data analysis. HPLP II. Reference work entry. DOI: 5_ Downloads. How to cite. Chinese Health-Promoting Lifestyle. The Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile-II. (HPLP-II) (16) was developed to measure the multicomponent of healthy lifestyles. It was a revision of.

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Open in a separate window. Regarding the large number of questions in the questionnaire, the possibility of elderly people is unable to answer all the questions. The original version of this questionnaire consists of 52 items that measure HPB in six subscales nutrition, physical activity, health responsibility, yplp management interpersonal relationships, and spiritual growth.

CFA is part of the measurement model that examines relationships between variables and the observed factors. Predicting health-related quality of life by using a health promotion model among Iranian adolescent girls: A review of its accuracy in screening for dementia. Gplp items; physical activity: Each subscale includes of several items nutrition: It has been translated into different languages hpop Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, and Turkish,[ 131415 ] and its validity and reliability have been verified.

Published online May Overall, the score for health-promoting lifestyle and behavioral aspects is calculated using the mean of responses for all 52 items and for each subscale eight or nine items.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Accepted values for Cronbach’s alpha coefficient and ICC 0. J Mazandaran Univ Med Sci. Clin Excell Nurse Pract. Reliability and validity of Persian version of the health-promoting lifestyle profile.

The health-promoting lifestyle profile: Sampling was conducted by convenience sampling method and elderly people visiting cultural centers, parks, and health centers in two areas in the north and south of Tehran were enrolled in the study. Then, as a pilot study to assess of face validity, questionnaires were given to 20 of the elderly people, and the final reforms were implemented.


Correlation between the scores obtained from the two investigations in 2 weeks interval was assessed by calculating the class correlation coefficient ICC.

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Validation of the psychometric properties of the health-promoting lifestyle profile in a sample of Taiwanese women. Int J Nurs Pract. Development and psychometric validation of a scale to assess information needs in cardiac rehabilitation: Content validity and its estimation. Intraclass correlation coefficient was obtained 0.

Validity and Reliability of Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II in the Iranian Elderly

This is consistent with other studies. To assess the absence of cognitive disorders, the elderly people were assessed by the clock drawing test CDT before entering the study. The most common causes of death in all age groups above 50 years are cardiovascular diseases, io, respiratory diseases, and accidents;[ 45 ] all these diseases can be prevented by health-promoting behavior HPB.

Item-total correlations were calculated to assess how the items of a scale differentiated the elders with regard to their HPB. These findings are consistent with other studies. Items 10 exercise vigorously30 long-term goalsand 52 exposure to new experiences and challenges h;lp Pearson correlation coefficients under 0.

Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II | Nursing | University of Nebraska Medical Center

Furthermore, Cronbach’s alpha coefficients for its subscales were suitable too, as in other jplp. In order to assess the health behaviors of older people, a comprehensive tool for measuring health behaviors is required. Validity and reliability of the clock drawing test in older people. Reliability and validity of Chinese version of the health-promoting lifestyle profile. Support Center Support Center. A structural equation modeling approach. Cronbach’s alpha values indicate good internal consistency of the questionnaire.

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The ICC of 0. Reliability, validity and factor structure of the GHQ used among elderly Iranians. In order to have a sufficient number of samples for use in factor analysis, the KMO value was obtained hplpp 0. Using factor analysis, six main factors were approved. For all subscales of the questionnaire, it was in the range of 0.

Psychometric properties The Persian version of this questionnaire was given to 10 specialists five experts in gerontology, five specialists in health promotion to determine its content validity index CVI. In investigating the face validity, the questionnaire was given to 20 elderly people as a pilot, and at this stage, some modifications were made. Given that the population of illiterate elderly in Iran is high, psychometric examination of tools for the illiterate elderly is recommended.

Therefore, the availability of effective tools is necessary. Consumption of fruit and vegetables among elderly people: Protocol for a mixed methods study. A cross sectional study from Iran.

When knowledge and awareness are present, better performance is expected. Assessment of health-promoting behavior and hpl; of adolescents of a North Indian city. Health promotion and health education: Lawrence Erlbaum Psychology Press; Participants To assess the validity and reliability, 10 samples are recommended for each question.

Then, to assess of face validity, questionnaires were given to 20 of the elderly people.