Ilustrado: A Novel [Miguel Syjuco] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Garnering international prizes and acclaim before its publication . In turn, Salvador, the principal figure in “Ilustrado,” may be its year-old author’s alter ego. In a daring literary performance, Syjuco weaves the. Miguel Syjuco (born November 17, ) is a Filipino writer from Manila and the grand prize winner of the Man Asian Literary Prize for his first novel Ilustrado.

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Honestly, I didn’t understand the story very much. Lists with This Book.

Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco

Talk about art reflecting life! We have a political system that we share with our American colonizers but entrenched in this political system is a feudal relationship between the politicians and the electorate that we got from our Spanish colonizers; our cuisine and culture is deeply Spanish but we are syjcuo leaning towards an Americanized culture as history moves on; and our respect for tradition and authority is a symbol that, even if we syjuvo been Westernized by America and Spain, we are still rooted in Asia.

Miguel is working on a biography of the writer, and arranges to meet with people who knew Crispin, to get a better idea of the man he’d known personally, a mentor at the university. We laugh at these jokes because they contain truth, but when we laugh, we are laughing at nothing but ourselves! The story of a young Filipino writer’s investigation into the murder and hence, the life of his mentor, Crispin Salvador another ex-pat Filipino writer found dead in NY spins out into a year old saga of the nation, its people and its politics.

What we are reading is actually the story Crispin is writing. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I don’t know if this book really meant for Filipino readers.


Unabashed literary style Good prose; overwritten at times. In literary fiction there is an expectation of eloquence It was an epic adding love story in the near end of ilustraco story, is he in the middle of rushing the story?

Be an international writer, who happens to be Filipino, and learn to live with the criticisms of being a Twinkie. But chopsuey is filling. One of the side characters, a university student Miguel meets in a bookshop called Sadie another parallel – Sadie was the name of the white woman, a photographer, whom Crispin loved ilustrzdo who he had a daughter with, Dulcineaexpresses her love for books, which resonated with me obviously: Order by newest oldest olustrado.

In w from The Book Hooligan There are only three truths. Mar 23, Dante rated it did not like it Shelves: Part of my difficulty symuco Ilustrado is that I can’t use the same yardstick I use for reviewing most fiction.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [can i read this one? She has struck the pose of the latest dance craze, the Mr. Preview — Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco.

Your real home country will be that common ground your work plows between you and your reader. Because part of it takes on the voice of a young and inexperienced writer, there are parts of this book that are ridiculously though in my op This book can be probably best described as an encyclopedic narrative encompassing most of what that genre entails – which would mean not only the ‘fun’ stuff like the different voices and media, but also the sometimes frustrating stuff – like digressions, obsessive inclusive of details, etc.

Miguel Syjuco

The narrative is like a bundle of knots to be unraveled — close and deliberate observation is required. I had to always go back to check what happened last on sub-plot A, as the continuation may be found only after sub-plot E!

There were many kinds of typeface fonts that were used, with the regular one proving to be a challenge to read at night; so much more for the smaller typeface which was italized! View all 5 comments. A stage where words are flowery, concepts are too abstract, and understanding the work does not flow naturally.


Many of us complain that there are no books about the Philippines and written by a Filipino worthy of reading. Read on my blog It’s like a know-it-all classmate who just transferred to your esteemed university from a small-town community college who wants to show the world that he knows about stuff.

Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco

Finally, after pages, I now know the point of the novel. The book marketed itself to be one of those stories of a minority in a new surrounding, trying to fit, etc. Syjuco’s portrayal of the madness which is the Philippines strikes close to home.

Having said all that, I have to admit that the ending of the novel surprised and intrigued me! I hope his follow up book will not be a long time coming. Many if not syjuc of the narrative mechanisms of this first novel don’t actually work, but it’s hard to quarrel with the judges who awarded it the Man Asian literary prize.

I’ll quote some parts that I believe are significant for Filipinos: The book has a main plot, and a lot of sub-plots that were ilustrzdo as excerpts from the books authored by either Crispim or Miguel, further interspersed with Filipino jokes or funny stories. But wow is there a lot going on here!

They’re movers and shakers with immense potential. The picture he paints of present-day Philippines isn’t pretty, but it’s close to reality.