he called numerics, was the ancient Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New . Important Note: Dr. Ivan Panin’s original work has not been changed except for a . Quote==Ivan Panin, the most prominent person in Bible numerics in modern times, was born in Czarist Russia in , lived most of his life in the US, and died. Ed.) Ivan Panin. Bible Numerics, as it is known and practiced today, is indissolubly connected with the name of Ivan Panin of Aldershot, Ontario, who made.

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There are no ancient manuscripts of the Kabbalah writings. Retrieved from ” https: Thereafter, until his death inhe devoted over 50 years of his life to painstakingly exploring the numerical structure of the Scriptures, generating over 43, hand-penned pages of analysis. During this time Mr. Having already written The Revolutionary Movement in Russia iniban traveled around giving lectures on Russian literature especially PushkinGogolTurgenevand Tolstoyauthors who had contributed to the social upheaval that forced changes in Russia during the mid s.

Of these 21, seven are named in the New Testament: He was casually reading the first verse of the gospel of John in the Greek: Jesus is also Lord which again is a multiple of eight being x 8.

Ivan Panin

Instead we find that Panin’s methods have been applied to the Koran, the Book of Mormon numeriics even Poe’s poetry, ‘proving’ their inspiration through an abundant pattern of sevens. The Bible has declared man’s years to be three score and ten If you look for patterns, you will find them.

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No such features were found in the seven books added by the Roman Catholic Church to their Old Testament. Dr Panin was curious as to why the Greek word for “the”‘ preceeded the word “God”‘ in one case and not the other.

Read all of our Christian books for free here:. This proof is found in the amazing numeric phenomena in the very structure of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. There are many false ideas that are given credibility, such as Ivan Panin’s Bible “Numerics. Numeerics sampling of his discoveries was published, and is still being published today.

That does not mean there is a meaning there. It was curiosity that first caused Dr Panin to begin toying with the numbers behind the texts. In the Book of Revelation seven positively shines out: Reading a meaning into something that gives no meaning is more akin to the occult than to biblical thinking.

Ivan Panin Bible Numerics – Numerical Patterns In Scripture, Chance, Or Design?

It was in that Dr Panin made the discovery of the mathematical structure underlining the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.

It cannot be called a sentence, because sentences must have words in them, because only words carry meaning.

The word Amen or verily is valued at 99 and occurs 99 times. Bible Numerics — by Ivan Panin — 30 pages.

And God formed man of the dust of the ground Gen 2: The discovery settles many questions of text. The 66 books of the Bible 39 in the Old and 27 in the New were written by 33 different people.


Bible Numerics: The Works of Ivan Panin

This time in Russia saw many of the upper classes leaving their luxurious homes to go to the factories and teach the less fortunate, for which efforts they were tortured, often to the point of insanity or death. Dr Panin says the laws of probability are exceeded into the billions when we try and rationalise the authorship of the Bible as the work of man.

In Panin pannin a letter to the New York Sun challenging his audience to disprove his thesis that the numerical structure of scripture showed its divine origin. Messiah has the numeric value 82 x8. Moriel Ministries Religious Organization.

Our Books Read all of our Christian books for free here: The very first verse of the Bible “In the begining God created the heaven and the earth” Gen 1: Re Gematria, the use of turning Numerifs letters into numbers, this came from the Kabbalah, a gnostic text alleged to be ancient but which actually first appeared in the 13th century. The Writings of Ivan Panin — panon. So I quietly withdrew and did my work all by myself”.

Panin has submitted conclusive scientific proof that the Uvan could not have been produced by the unaided human mind. We’re told the pulse beats slower every seven days as if it were in accord with the seventh day of rest proclaimed in the Genesis creation week.