Solutions for MVS SYSTEM ABEND CODES like S0C1, S0C7, SB37, SE37 etc. There was a conflict between the program, the JCL DCB, and the data set DCB. This article list down various JCL abend codes along with their cause and action taken by the user. ABEND Code U or U (X’D’) is issued when a failure or error condition occurs for which normal program All related Job Logs and JCL listings.

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An attempt was made to read after end-of-file. An error occurred while positioning at the labels, or if there were no sbend, while positioning at the data of a data set opened with input or inout to be read forward.

Program time out due to looping problem.


NO rollback has been done. Outside abend code range. S0C2 Privileged operation exception. An incorrect boundary was specified. The job was cancelled because it violated some restriction.

Check for program errors, especially endless loops that cause the job or job step avend exceed the time limit. The module name was misspelled. Check the file usage in the program.

jcp An incorrect volume serial number was specified in the volume parameter of the DD statement. The module must be generated without an overlay structure or similar attribute.


Retry the operation first on the current version of TCPaccess. Check there is a DD statement for the file. Fixed Point Divide Exception.

Check the WTO and job logs for any related messages. Increase the region size. A stop run occurred before all opened data sets were closed. TCPaccess can no longer provide an external security interface. codss

The blocksize and record size were specified as equal for variable length records. Supply the correct password, and resubmit the job. S Abend Job was waiting too long. An attempt to open an open file. SE37 is related to directory block, if jjcl is no space for an extra member in the PDS. Check the parameter lists passed to the P-service.

Resubmit the job specifying a different volume or device. Out of space on output disk file.

Important SQL CODES and ABEND CODES | F1 for Mainframe

The quotient exceeded abejd allowed data field size. IO error, damaged tape, device malfunction. The entry code is larger than the maximum allowable entry code.

Missing or misspelled DD name 2. Close an un-opened dataset. A program exception occurs on the commutator task.

In writing to a sequential fodes direct access data set, the record length was greater than 32, bytes. An attempt was made to execute a machine instruction which had invalid operands. An address developed and used by cdes ABENDing program lies outside of the available virtual storage on the processor. An error occurred in tape positioning following header label processing. TCPaccess is out of storage.


S80A, S Region too small for the program to run S – When the requested region is not available. Ensure that all the requested volumes are mounted. Missing Select statement during compile 2. Email Address never made public. The STAE exit cannot continue. The only valid register 0 values are 0, 1, and 2.

The file-control select clause was missing for the data set that was being processed. Notify me of new comments via email. The data set does not exist on the magnetic tape. An attempt was made to execute a subroutine which was not link edited into the load module.

ABEND codes

It is a kind of subscript error. Corruption of heap storage control blocks detected by free. A region required to run the step could not be obtained. The volume on the allocated unit as specified by ser could not be demounted because it was either reserved or permanently resident. Cause Check for subscript or index maximum value exceeded.