Strategikon of Kekaumenos The Strategikon of Kekaumenos (Greek: Στρατηγικὸν τοῦ Κεκαυμένου, Latin: Cecaumeni Strategicon) is a late 11th century. Kekaumenos, Consilia et Narrationes The Kekaumenos family; 3. . Lemerle suggest that it was he who entitled our text ‘Strategikon’ (Prolégomènes 9). of a rural aristocrat known as the Strategikon of Kekaumenos. Written ca. Savvides, A. “The Byzantine Family of Kekaumenos (late 10th early 12th Cent.).

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Introduction to Kekaumenos

Note the different check digits in each. There is also a Vlach diaspora in other European countries, especially Romania, as well as in North America an Inwith the help of Professor Joan Hussey, I retrieved my grandmother’s papers, and decided to re-edit and publish her work.

Hungaryin the land which they call Bojka, close to the Frankish Empire and the great Croatia, unbaptized, also known as the White Croatia. Vlach shepherd in Banat, c. We also know that he married a daughter of Demetrios Polemarchios; their son, our author, was old enough to serve as a soldier in These continued a tradition that stretched back to Xenophon and Aeneas the Tactician, and many Eastern Roman military manuals excerpt or adapt the works of ancient authors,[1] especially Aelian[2] and Onasander.

Such a list may reflect the travels of the author, but it could equally well result from his being in a place presumably Constantinople or in a sufficiently important office, to receive fairly detailed accounts of a wide range of events.

InGeorgina Buckler, who was my grandmother, announced her intention to publish a full, critical edition of the Consilia et Narrationes: Three more of these are concerned with the attacks by the Pechenegs. Litavrin’s offers the fullest historical commentary; the literary aspects have been less explored.


A respectful strategilon of one another is important to us. Volume 28 Issue Jahresband Janpp. He does, however, recount several anecdotes involving members of his family, or connections by marriage. Thus we must, at the minimum, assume at least one intermediary in the transmission of our text, and probably more.

A George Kekaumenos is the author of an unpublished poem on the signs of the zodiac, pointed out by C.

It may also be of significance that the patriarch John Xiphilinos, who compelled Constantine X Doukas strrategikon keep his oath to Nikoulitzas and his companions Volume 18 Issue 1 Janpp.

None of these links are very strong. All this material, therefore, must be taken into account in trying to understand the nature of the work with which srrategikon are sgrategikon.

He succeeded his father in the territory of Trani and was in control of it inthough the city itself remained with the Byzantine Empire. Feel free to add more, and create missing pages. Member feedback about Kekaumenos: Volume 7 Issue 2 Janpp. An ISBN is assigned to each edition and variation of a book, for example, an e-book, a paperback and a hardcover edition of the same book would each have a different ISBN.

Volume 15 Issue 1 Janpp. Nikoulitzas was appointed ‘domestikos of the guards of Hellas’: This inscription therefore should not be connected with our author’s family. About the article Published Online: Kekaumenis 64 Issue 2 Janpp.


The other aspect which gives an air of simplicity to the text is the structure. They asserted their authority over many Slavs, who were divided into numerous petty tribes, many Slavs were galvanized into an effective infantry force, by the Avars.

Thessaly — Thessaly is a traditional geographic and modern administrative region of Greece, comprising most of the ancient region of the same name. Member feedback about Trikala: The book was composed between and by a Byzantine general of partly Armenian descent. There is clearly disarray in the manuscript tradition, and it can be argued that for example the Advice to a Toparch should be, and perhaps once was, located earlier.

Its remaining territories were annexed by the Ottomans over the 15th century. Loss and confusion of material in later sections? Map showing strateggikon major Varangian trade routes: First Ancient Theatre, Larissa. Strategicon may refer to: In the next year, he defeated the Rus’ raid against the imperial capital, and was named vestes and archon of the Danubian cities.


Thus an abridged version of our text at f. This suggests that he was responsible for numbering the Pinax, without reference to the rubric numbers. Volume 44 Issue Janpp. Former empires of Europe Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. His name suggests that his mother might have been a Delphinas: Volume 60 Issue 1 Janpp.