INSTRUCTION MANUAL. LEVELING AMPLIFIER. MODEL LA-2A. TELETRONIX DIVISION. BABCOCK ELECTRONICS CORP. RANDOLPH STREET. The CLA-2A is modeled on a hand-wired, tube-based compressor originally produced by Teletronix in the early s. Initially intended for use in broadcast, the. Technical Specification. Download Product Manual Product Manual French. ‘2A Style, Transformer balanced, high voltage, opto tube compressor​. Utilizes.

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Thick and gluey Made first in Sunnyvale CA not far from McDSP headquartersthis peak limiter has become one of the most sought after devices in music production. The properties of the T4 give the LA-2A its unique character by making it an entirely program dependent design.

And unless you hit them way hard and make the tubes sizzle they don’t really distort. When you put bass and drums in them they get fatter and bigger.

The LA-2A has simple controls: We have hundreds of manuals added to the site! This sound technology article is a stub.


Designed by Bill Putnam, it has a unique electro-optical attenuator system allowing instantaneous gain reduction with no increase in harmonic distortion, producing very natural compression characteristics. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Vintage JBL-UREI Electronics

Retrieved from ” https: Teletronix LA2A fx-units information! Archived from the original PDF on The LA2A, as well as other pure class A opto-compressors, are characterized by their soft knee and compression ‘tail’.

The VU meter may also be switched to show the gain reduction or output level. Check the heading on this page: To cut down on spammers, cookies must be enabled to post comments to this page.

LA-2A Leveling Amplifier

This page was last edited on 9 Mayat You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Minimum of knobs and fat, warm sound, the sort of unit that gave valves a good name; now reissued. You’ll see this reminder one more time after which it will not appear. Please copy the displayed number into the box to post: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dynamics processing Effects units Sound technology stubs. Three versions of the LA-2A were made until Views Read Edit View history.


Add your comments here for the product: Here’s the re-issue model from Universal Audio Absolute all time nanual design, much copied. Mabual user type is: It uses an electro-luminescent panel together with a cadmium-sulfide light dependent resistor to provide gain reduction, which, in the LA-2A, is called the T4 cell. It’s a mono compressor leveling amplifier – Here’ some snippets from the www about the original: To receive automated replies be sure to add a valid email address!

Archived copy as title All stub articles. This gives the compression response more ‘presence’ in the mix as the amount of compression actually decreases when enough signal is driven into it to reach the ‘tail’.

The LA-2A has a sonic character kanual makes it sought after by many recording engineers. LA-2As warm things up. Please copy the displayed number into the box to post:. More choices in this product category from other manufacturers: The LA-2A is a hand-wired, tube-based compressor.