Zoo City [Lauren Beukes, Justine Eyre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lauren Beukes’s Arthur C Clarke Award-winning novel set in a. Zoo City is the Arthur C Clarke Award winning novel by South African Author, Lauren Beukes. NIROXprojects put together a Zoo City-inspired exhibition at Arts on Main in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct with a bunch of amazing artists, curated by Ann.

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A sequel does not appear to be in the works but it would be very welcomed. And boy, is this beautiful. Diaz 15 House on the Bay. Open Preview See a Problem? The “animalled” phenomenon simply isn’t quantifiable. If you do, however, find that perfect descriptor, be sure to add all the little animas, the familiars that bad people get after murdering someone, and if you let your anima die, you get dragged to hell.

It isn’t like with a book about vampires where if you aren’t normally interested in vampires then clearly you’d be out of luck. But she went to prison for it, convicted either of murder or manslaughter, and that doesn’t fit at all with her memories of the event.

Zoo City – Lauren Beukes Lauren Beukes

The plot is of the type that doubles back and folds up on itself several times over, which is not to say that it is too complex, but Beukes has skillfully tangled the various threads. Honestly, I have only a vague idea of what the story of this book is, and an even vaguer idea of how or what moves us forward.

View all 10 comments. It thoughtfully explores the human condition, guilt and identity. The negative attitudes that the larger society places on the zoo people feels like some kind of metaphor for the aftermath of apartheid. It’s the fact that the protagonist’s presence at the climactic scene had no effect, good, bad, or indifferent, on anything that occurred. I know I gave it way more credit, and stuck with it to the end, because I’m zooo sucker for really good writing.


These criminals, dubbed “zoos”, easily identified bukes animals in tow, are often ostracized and segregated to ghettoes called Zoo Cities. Although this book features animals to spare, the soundtrack is a beast on its own. But her debt to her ex-drug dealers is skyrocketing, she hates being a part of the scams they give her, beules this might be her ticket out of beujes and into more freedom. I really like this approach of world-building; it educates and entertains. Zinzi is a fun narrator — clearly damaged, a sarcastic smartass hip to pop culture she references lolcats!

I also really enjoyed that there was some magic mixed in but that it also had aspects of modern times mixed in as well. Because it all comes back to identity. I wanted to like you, I really did. Was [person she beukfs between her and her drugs, or her boyfriend or a story or?.

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes – review

As I mentioned earlier, Zoo City takes a sharp turn two thirds through. I listened to the audio, and Justine Eyre does a great job interpreting all the different African accents in the book, from Nigerian to Kenyan to South African.

In NovemberDonovan Marsh was announced as the prospective film’s director. Zinzi is a difficult protagonist to describe. I’m not sure it needed to be broken up into two parts, since there wasn’t an enormous difference between the two.

Um, except for the murdery past. Clarke Award winner Zoo City. In other ways, the burden of the animal link has religious overtones, like a Christian cross to bear for sins committed, some kind of voodoo punishment, or a twist on Hindu reincarnation.


For a while, it almost feels like it could be YA, but there’s a violent undercurrent that never really goes away; Beukes doesn’t want you to forget that our likeable heroine has aoo Sloth friend for a cityy, and that it is a very bad reason. Yes Zinzi made mistakes. Yet she is, I ciy convinced, a good person who deserves that chance—and a chance is exactly what Beukes gives her. This was interesting to me I hate it when I read a book that’s beautifully written, but has a clumsy plot.

Johannesburg is a major city, after all, and the animal angle is clearly unreal. Zinzi is roped into tracking down the missing half of a Bieber-eqsue pop group; not surprisingly, murder, mayhem, and a nefarious record producer are involved.

Retrieved 17 April Jan 21, Tatiana rated it really liked it Recommended to Tatiana by: On what basis is a person deemed truly responsible for the act in question?

Part Two also seemed rushed, with the author racing to wrap things up, along the way skipping many of the details that could have made this a really wonderful novel.

Does anyone really have her best interests at heart? Zinzi had to find another type of temporary work to earn her living which leads her to city sewers populated by local junkies, rich suburban neighborhoods, some dead bodies, local pop scene, illegal immigrants and refugees and other very exotic things, people and locations. Dec 07, Cathy rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks goes to Netgalley and the publisher! Mostly I felt like I wasn’t getting the right kind of clues about where the story was going.