This article is about the novel by Leif Enger. Peace Like a River. Peacelikeariver. jpg. Author, Leif Enger. Country, United States. Language, English. Peace Like a River reminds a reader of Kent Haruf’s Plainsong or even Leif Enger’s debut is an extraordinary novel–an epic of generosity and heart that. Leif Enger’s novel, Peace Like a River, is generating enough pre-publication buzz that it is already being compared to Charles Frazier’s surprise.

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Analog Audio Cassette – I urge you all to give Enger’s !

He makes wrong decisions, right decisions, and costly ones, and we labor with him over what he should do and pray that he chooses well. Enger’s novel, Peace Like a Riverwas one of Time magazine’s top-five novels of the year and appeared on several other best seller lists. He wavers between what is right and what is wrong, as indeed we all do, and especially when the welfare of those we love is in our hands.


Despite his humble life, Jeremiah commands powers that stem from his profoundly active faith. I had this book sitting in my pile for a long time. I did not think it an accident that Jeremiah Land is called for the Biblical prophet Jeremiah, who was chosen by God as a leader of his people.

You must hate me. Search Postcards from Purgatory: Surprisingly, however, they never run out of soup. I love books that are told from the point of view of adolescents when the writer is able to tell the tale without being overly dismissive or have the character be overly clever.


Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. A beautiful tribute to faith in God, a theme that is so rarely treated with the respect and depth it deserves.

Peace Like a River – Leif Enger – Google Books

It is a novel of faith, the kind of novel which I normally find hard to connect with, since m Whoever typeset this book should be fired, and then possibly summarily shot. I highly recommend you go out and buy it if I haven’t managed to give you a copy first.

FelchGary D. They rebut every rule us good citizens take comfort in Lazarus obeying orders and climbing out of the grave – now there’s a miracle, and peacee can bet it upset a lot of folks.

Peace Like a River – Wikipedia

Bob and Andy Pie 1 13 Jan 19, I’m late to the party in reading Peace Like A River enfer it was published in – so a little late in recommending this as a book club pick. I don’t like old-timey Westerns, I’m not much for precocious kids telling stories, and, well, as for the faith and miracles thing, this “Doubting Thomas” subscribes more to Jon Krakauer’s school of thought:: Reuben initially describes Roxanna as ugly, but when she takes the family in, gives them some gas, cooks for them, and lets them spend the night, he slowly, detail by detail, begins to see her as beautiful — and this transformation which Enger handles in a way lelf almost approaches magic enter is well done.


BookPage interview by Alden Mudge. I promise you that. How do I write this to persuade the uninitiated how great Peace Like a River is without seeming like a freak?

We are quick to dub a debut brilliant as so many reviewers have with this one—you should see the back of this book.

Leif Enger has an exceptional talent with language. Schmidt Snippet view – Once immersed and in the rhythm of this sometimes sparse but beautiful prose, one becomes deeply involved in the tale lwif the Land family and the pull of family bonds and the resilience of those ties. I have added braided extensions to my hair, dolled up my face with bad 80s makeup and donned my largest hoop earrings.

Enger has created a world of signs, where dead crows fall in a snowstorm and vagrants peacs curled up in fields, in which everything is significant, everything has weight and comprehension is always fleeting.

It’s every bit as wonderful as I remember. Swede, with her flair for drama and love of literature, became a famous writer, Davy remained hidden in Canada, and Reuben happily married Sara. What was the purpose of telling it.

It’s a journey you simply must not miss. Among the many glowing reviews for Peace Like a River, there is this: Quotes from Peace Dnger a River.