Como Escuchar La Musica by Aaron Copland, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Este libro es unico en su genero. Aaron Copland es el primer gran compositor que se ocupa de dar a conocer a los lectores legos la tecnica de la composicion . Cómo Escuchar La Música by Aaron Copland. You Searched For: Seller: Alcaná Libros. (Madrid, Spain) COMO ESCUCHAR MUSICA: AARON COPLAND.

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Copland really knows his stuff and has some great insights into things. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. Even without this, however, I have learned a great deal from this book. Each chapter is followed with a list of suggested pieces of music to listen to.

Like some other reviewers, I wish very much that some kind person would put out a CD or set up a website with the specific passages Copland cites, as well as his broader listening list. He also does an admirable job of attempting to put in words some of the more mysterious elements of music. This is not a book that will provide the reader with all that is needed to completely own this art form.

He does not lose a layman in technical jargon, music esscuchar, or advanced music theory. He also includes brief sections of the musical notes for those who have the ability to read music. This book will make a music lover out of you, or will give you a far greater appreciation for what they are hearing. I really did not know Copland was so articulate and good at writing. In the end I became lost.


But, for a book, this one is pretty good. This will help you in the long run, rather than simply supplying an answer to a single question about a page number. I fall into the camp of loving it. Aaron Copeland is, of course, one of the greatest American composers. Jan 14, Joshua rated it really liked it.

The Creative Process in Music.

Como Escuchar La Musica : Aaron Copland :

This book was a great introduction. Although this is not quite the emotional trip as “Joy of Music” by Bernstein, it is the affections of a master laid in front of those of us who are interested.

He felt this made his music more meaningful to the large music-loving audience being created by radio and the movies. In this book first written in the s, Copland distinguishes between musca on a sensuous plane mere enjoyment of the quality of sound and on expressive and sheerly musical planes.

This book does, however, demand lots of effort, and lots of listening, at least for us “I don’t know much about music, but I know what I like” types. I’m a regular concert goer, with some background coopland music, but nothing really in classical. I HIGHLY recommend you listen to the works he mentions while reading the book, it gives you a much much clearer understanding of what he is trying to explain For that I am grateful. His musical works ranged from ballet and orchestral music to choral music and movie scores.

It’s a quick read that nevertheless covers a great deal of material.

I do not appreciate the writing style and Copland comes off as being a bit arrogant and high-brow in his writing, This book is probably great for musicians, but non-musicians should be careful picking this up.


He describes the sensuous plane as listening to music simply for the pleasure of the music itself. Are you hearing everything that is going on? I think the subject really does need a format like Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts where you hear a sample of the items they are discussing.

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Gana dinero con nosotros. However that definitely makes the reading difficulty harder than it would be otherwise, even for a proficient musician. Fraught with elitist overtones, this book takes on the tone of a lecture by an academic long past the prime of his tenure. When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie.

It doesn’t get too much into the history and times of the composers, which many books on classical music tend to. Sep 22, Genni rated it really liked it Shelves: Besides that – it is not worth reading. In Copland traveled to Paris to attend the newly founded music school for Americans at Fontainebleau.

Breviarios: Cómo Escuchar la Música by Aaron Copland (1999, Paperback)

I enjoyed his chapter on the craft of composing—all the different methods cpland processes. From that point on, he thought earnestly about a career in music.

How to Listen to Great Music: For the uninitiated, Aaron Copland, the author, is one of the most highly regarded American composers. And he argues that a person should train themselves to listen for all three to better appreciate the music that they hear.