Water Splitting by Magnetism | The current invention is a “Magnetolysis” device that is configured for splitting water by use of magnetism. in the splitting of the bipolar water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Bedini’s magnetic hydrogen and oxygen extraction Magnetolysis Water Fuel This forum is for discussion on any water fuel topic dealing with. MAGNETOLYSIS OF WATER In magnetolysis, magnetic induction is used a potential difference of 2V was created that resulted in hydrogen generation via.

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hyddrogen Magnetic Current 9 articles. But as for actual fact, you cannot have one pole without the wwter, an experimenter named Peter Peregrinus believed, he demonstrated it to his satisfaction, using a loadstone, in the yearand prevailing opinion has backed him up ever since. It indicates that the magnetic force does enhance the efficiency of water electrolysis, and ferromagnetism is the best choice for electrodes. Weak magnetic fields 15 mT have also been shown to increase the evaporation rate.

After rigorous precautions — including short-circuiting the magnet poles with wire, so that the poles will be at the same electric potential — Dr. Find all posts by sucahyo. I thank you for hyfrogen attention and I wish you a nice day. There are still a few doors open worth investigating like LENR. That part of the theory is in the physics forum under “free Energy”, and is explained there in some detail, unless it has been bumped to here.

The Great Global Warming Swindle? Ehrenhaft recently told the American Physical Society. Smaller, cheaper microbial fuel cells turn urine into electricity.

Magnetolysis – Energetic Forum

Before magnetic hydrgen could be put in harness, of course, a myriad of questions about their behavior remain to be studied and answered. It may of course be another trip up the creek, but that the adventure of the journey. To be specific, it is found in clearly measurable proportions ranging from two to 12 percent of the total volume of gases.


Felix Ehrenhaft of Manhattan. In this paper, electrodes with different magnetism are adapted on the hydrogen production by water electrolysis, and the influences of magneto-hydrodynamics on the electrolysis process are discussed. I hope I have well explained the phenomena, visible in the video, and I would like to receive comments and remarks by other experimenter. If anyone is intersted in seeing some giffs that I cant fit on this forum email me at wertybro hotmail.

Water powered fuel cell – Google Patent Search or application actually. Anyone like to share?

It should be agreed that this type of fuel would be worth supressing to some industries. Share This Page Tweet.

Electrolysis (better method) Hydrogen and ? | Sciforums

In contrast, the friction coefficient of water in thin films has been shown to reduce in a magnetic magnetolysus 0.

This would be an exact counterpart of the classical conception that magnetism rotates about a current-carrying electric conductor. I just checked my own policy from Amica and they Neither is anyone else.

Furthermore, ferromagnetism watrr are more affected by magnetism, and multiply the Lorentz effect. There are many videos from different people claiming the same thing, that is mostly what I have a problem with. I welcome anyone with other nformation to please publish it in the comments section or email me at markdansie gmail. Over the last decade I have covered a lot of miles looking at energy solutions.

Electrolysis (better method) Hydrogen and ?

When an electric current passes through acidified water between iron poles, the current decomposes the water and oxygen is formed at the positive pole. Log in or Sign up to hide all adverts. I came across this information recently where a scientist over 80 years ago claimed electrolysis of water being powered by magnetic forces only.

Its hard to find. Transformers that will work on direct current instead of alternating current? Originally Posted by topangler Most Hydrogen is produced from petroleum gas reformation.

Bubbles or particles that travel between pole pieces of a magnet behave just as if they were magnetic ions, or clusters of them — repelled by like magnetic poles, and attracted by oppositely magnetized poles.


Felix Ehrenhaft Felix Ehrenhaft: Anyway, didn’t work because it was junkily built. The reason why this is so important is that it can direct and lot of flux toward whatever you want like an electrolysis chamber because the flux indicates the path of the current and if you have a lot of current Faradays electrolysis law says you’ll have more gas production.

How he can make lots of gas with very small battery?

Can electrolysis be powered by magnets?

For both, the speed of the whirligig depends upon the strength of the magnetic field. Armagnac Magnetolyais Science June Oh well, thought I was on to a new catch phrase there. As we know now, the loadstone that he floated on a platform in water simply turned until its north pole faced the south magnetic pole of the earth, and vice versa.

He told that he uses magnetism to split water. Now 65, a refugee without an adequate laboratory, Ehrenhaft has again challenged a basic concept. The whole subject offers as vast a field for pioneering research as electricity did a century ago. These effects are consistent with the magnetic fields weakening the van der Waals bonding between the water molecules and the water molecules being more tightly bound, due to the magnetic field reducing the thermal motion of the inherent charges by generating dampening forces ].

In this field, he finds, the metal particles move toward the north or south pole, reversing their direction according to the direction of the magnetic field.

I wanted to try it but dont know how to start. Good link to start. The time now is There are some promising hydrogen producing technologies on the horizon we have covered recently. And as for the ring-around-a-rosy behavior of the hydrogen bubbles and copper nagnetolysis, Dr.