The Ocean of Definitive Meaning by the Ninth Karmapa (–) is the most profound and famous text on Mahamudra ever written and is of vital importance. This serial courses, the Mahamudra Transmission, teachings and practice of Mahamudra Ocean of Definitive Meaning, the very text compiled by The 9th. Vajrayana Buddhism and Kagyu Lineage. Taught by the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa at Palpung Sherabling, March Transcribed by Chang Chin & Changchub.

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And this lineage is known as Marpa Kagyu. Pointing Out the Dharmakaya. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Having settled the mind into non-conceptual awareness, that naked awareness is then directed to five aspects of mind and body. Looking at stillness and occurrence as the same or different.

Mahamudra Ocean of Definitive Meaning – Related teachings

As I said in Part 5, you have to practice being without labels and without boundaries and without a timeline. That is the basis of meditation. Some say that final state is the union of mening and emptiness, but that is the language of karmamudra.

There is no totality more complete. These are the major lineages. So that intention is we call Bodhicitta.

The difficulty of finding a free and well-favored situation 2. So that way four greater and eight junior or lesser is because of that terminology, not because one is more important and one is less important.

The General Preliminaries The four thoughts that turn the mind mezning the dharma 1.


Mahamudra Ocean of Definitive Meaning – Transmission started in 2016

Enhancing the practice and dispelling hindrances 2. Now these teachings of Buddha, all aspects of it, not just one aspect of it, all aspects of it, that means Vinaya, Abhidharma, Sutra and Tantra. In my opinion, this recent translation of the text is superb and qualitatively superior and reliable than other one’s. So you see my friends, even the words I have written here are an empty exercise. Looking at occurrence c. No one needs to come along to untie you; you simply uncoil your own delusions.

And we have to allow that essence to manifest. Karma Kagyu Refuge Tree Masters. This is how we master freedom from elaboration.

Dharma Wheel

Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat. It was compiled from talks he meanig in British Columbia from Ultimate capacity of everybody is equal. You don’t convert as a Buddhist. Meditation The main practice of Mahamudra begins with shamatha meditation. Never seen anything similar in any other text. Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat P.

Gotsangpa and others have created elaborate tables to show this correspondence, but that is well beyond our discussion here.

Personally, I find his habit of finding fault with the work of other translators to be intrusive and off-putting, but it may not affect other readers that way and it’s only obvious in some of his books. Do not dwell on virtuous deeds of body and speech Lest the wisdom of non-distraction kahamudra lost.

When you practice Mahamudra Do not busy yourself in practicing daily rituals. And the example is what is the difference between the person who is dreaming and the dream that person is having. I wish to be free with no limitation and I wish to realize my primordial wisdom for the benefit of all sentient being to realize their primordial wisdom and for them all to be free. Transmission Started in Therefore there are all aspects of Dharma manifested from Buddha to help each one of us.


Mind turns to the dharma Dharma unfolds as the path The path dispels confusion Confusion awakens in wisdom. All you have to do then is remain free of distractions and attachments. Ironically by doing nothing, you discover a whole new dimension of reality. Then, as you drink the elixir of non-mentation, Self and other are forgotten. If that becomes a problem, skip the preliminaries and go straight into shamatha meditation.

By examining how the waves arise, abide, and dissipate, you will come to see that the nature of mind is empty of any inherent substantiation.

Gaining certainty about this union leads the final realization that spontaneity is self-liberated. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. From Buddha’s Nirmanakaya to ordinary highly developed fortunate disciples. When would you recommend a practitioner read those boks by Thrangu Rinpoche? We have to attain Buddhahood by wishing to attain Buddhahood.